where the prize is original art

100 original artworks by 100 artists will be given away as part of a game at the Nieuwe Meer lake, followed by an Art Auction in the Gallery.

Registration is free but limited in number. Each day we will be gifting 30 different pieces of original art!


  • Art will be displayed in the Gallery for the duration of the  three days of the event (September 28,28,30).

  • Each day the treasure hunt game will be repeated but participants can play only once.

  • Coins numbered 1-30 will be hidden around Nieuw en Meer.

  • People hunt for the coins with the help of different clues.

  • Players who finds a coin are guaranteed to receive an art piece.

  • The higher the number printed on the coin, the higher the coin’s value in the auction. Players can hold only one coin in their hand at any given time but may switch a lower value coin for a higher value coin if they find them.

  • After the game, an auction will be held in the gallery for the art pieces using the coin found.

  • Exact details and times will be emailed to registered players.



Combining the elements of place, education and games within a local community, our aim is to initiate a new kind of relationship with art.

We want to assist people in starting their own art collections in a fun and engaging way.

Treasure Art Hunt is an annual event that has been growing for the last five years.