The Anthropocene Park

Our initiative to redefine creative, experimental spaces

and defend Amsterdam’s cultural innovators

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Imagine yourself riding on a floating, self-steering island, into an area, a landscape, where everything you see around you is connected. The cycling roads are making music while riding them, the water is full of experimental islands where you can cook your meals with free energy and fresh ingredients grow on the water. The plants are generating lights and filtering toxins. A landscape full of art installations inviting you to explore, interact and discover the hidden layers and secrets of nature.  

















Anthropocene Park is a local Amsterdam initiative born out of the Nieuw en Meer community as an action to redefine the whole Nieuwe Meer lake area, both its surrounding nature and communities, as a cultural reservation. An open public ground for free-thinkers, artists, and innovators to experiment in social, cultural and artistic initiatives.


A place where the borders between humans and nature dissolve, which invites you to start a journey of exploration, self-discovery, and realizations which come through human experience.

















In the last 30 years, Amsterdam has played a leading role in providing safe havens for art and culture to flourish and co-exist within its natural surroundings. Recent changes in policymakers and city development plans are pushing aside the support that these spaces have relied on over the years and many of the free spaces are suddenly in immediate risk of eviction.

















These free spaces have played an essential role in breathing renewal, culture, and prosperity into Amsterdam, inspiring and influencing all parts of the local population whether it be entrepreneurs, corporate employees, bartenders, or chefs. If we don’t act now to actively support these spaces in the city, we will slowly start to see them pushed further and further away from our lives. A life without inspiration, without our cultural researchers and experimenters, without our radical creatives will start to quickly erode the unique and attractive reputation that attracts us to this wonderful metropolis.

















Without a thriving cultural industry, there is no culture in the city.


By focusing on global attractions, the city occasionally forgets the source of its prominence. That is why we focus the spotlight on the innovative strength of the art and cultural producers who work in these unique spaces in and around the city, such as communities like Nieuw en Meer.


















These communities are part of the Cultural Stelling of Amsterdam, a large network of art and cultural producers who pioneer their creative fields, working in free spaces on the city's outskirts. This organization is independent, self-organizing, and cannot be institutionalized.


We believe these communities play a critical role in making Amsterdam what it is today, and we aim to clarify this to the public through Future Play and the Anthropocene Park. We hope to reunite the people to their local creatives and the necessary inspiration these spaces can provide for our lives.



















But we need help. We need YOUR support. Only if we all stand together will we overcome the challenges facing our art and cultural communities today.


Join us, however, you can, in helping keep PLAYfulness in our FUTUREs.

















- Free spaces of Amsterdam -





















This 100% non-profit and free-entry event is being built on the back of individuals volunteering their own time free of charge to support the existence of free art and cultural spaces in the world today. Hundreds of hours are required to create such a space, and yet we still need some funds to bring this event to the public.


We have nearly reached our goal but we still need more support to make sure Future Play can be everything we envision it to be.


All help is greatly appreciated, whether you can volunteer your time, lend us your resources, or even make a donation.

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