Laura Malpique

Laura Malpique explores various manufacturing processes behind manmade objects: how is raw matter rearranged and transformed into everyday products? She is fascinated by the objects and structures that shape our environment and the processes that lie behind them. She builds installations consisting of different objects relating to the domestication of creatures, materials and things.

Secret Artist

Culture / education entrepreneur with a touch of technology and with social and community context. Mostly works with the mediums of photography, video, performance, installation and writing.

Golan yamin

Video artist

Jeanine Theunissen

Jeanine Theunissen is a teacher in African dance and a mix of body-mind movements, and workshop leader 'DIY maintenance of your Body and Mood’.
She created lessons and workshops with a fusion of different techniques; Qi Gong, Mindful Moving, Energy Medicine, Acupressure for Dummies, Visualisation, African Dance, Salsa, Tennisballmassage and Dance Meditation.

Alexander Gierholz

I am a Psychologist, experience designer & Co-founder of Logic Locks. As Logic Locks we create experiences for adults. But those of which we dreamed of as children. Many people might have forgotten about those dreams, but we believe they deep inside us they are still alive and when we encounter them now, it sparks our curiosity playfulness and creativity as it reminds us of a time when the world was full of magic and wonder.

Kamiel Proost

Painter, poet of surreal reflections of our common existence in wonderland...

Sun Chang

Has been nomadic and now living and working at Amsterdam. Focus on creating situations and happenings intergrading time, space and people, and initiating social engaged program to connect people and organizations from different disciplines and industries in


Based in Berlin, Boaz Balachsan is a multidisciplinary artist & designer from Israel. Fascinated by natural & cultural patterns, Boaz continues to showcase his talent for beautifully stylized ideas through various visual mediums, while researching concepts & practices of playful artistic innovation & interaction. A graduate of Bezalel & FAMU academies, His animated works have been screened in many festivals worldwide and received numerous awards.

Eden Orion (Kite Runner)

An artist, an amateur astronomer and a kite-hunter.
Building telescopes and moving toys
Loves watching the sky and the stars

Marius Jopen | THE PEOPLE°

Marius Jopen is a graphic designer, filmmaker, web-developer. He is Co-Founder of the Love Foundation and THE PEOPLE°.
He worked for several well known studios like Sagmeister & Walsh in new York or Bureau Mirko Borsche in Munich. Right now he is producing the Sci-Fi movie SPACEBIRTH II in Berlin.

Sharon Avraham

Artist, Community activist’s and art director. A co-founder of Midburn the Israeli burning man event and co-founder of the Fugara art collective. Sharon is drawn to the nature of social textures,the behaviour of a human within a group and the individual and collective relation that man derives from his meaningful experiences.

Itamar Paloge FALUJA

one of the leading artists in Israel today in the field of public space installations. He is renowned for his large scale reclaimed wood sculptures. He has exhibited in the Israel Museum, art and culture events in Israel, Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands, Central America and the U.S. He has art works in the offices of Google.

Walter Götsch / WBOT / Hanuman

I do form, feeling and attention. I tell stories about the known unknowns. Im an Art Guide for the Future Play

Sander van Asseldonk

Designs Real-life Games And Other Stuff. Believes the Earth is Flat on some metaphysical level.

Jefta Wazi Chanzo & Myraculous Art

Jefta Wazi Chanzo in relation to Myraculous Art

From Roots to Future
By movement we transcend duality
Synchronised with a cosmic smile

Free Space as an Experimental Community Construct
Redefined by Relational Aesthetics

Running Projects: ARTSAFARI, Club Huis, Musical Beings

Omer Kalderon

Omer is a community hacker & a storyteller. Build and lead several communities with different kind of cause: Art, participatory culture, hospitality, diversity and more.

Richard Mulder

Wood craft poetry

Jessica Durstewitz (Jessi)

Jessi is a passionate globetrotter from Germany and acts as a love-ambassador wherever the heart carries her. She´s a co-creator of CHE (citizens for a healthy earth) and a co-founder + beloved family member of the Dresden-based free party collective Syn.thie.Verrückt. With an extraordinary eye for detail Jessi wants to change the world for the better.

Dana Laor

I'm a multidisciplinary Contemporary Artist Designer and Dreamer. My work focuses on creating magical atmosphere's and connections - people and nature, Dreams and Desires, Tribal rituals and Technology. I believe art is a way of Communication between people . A healing ability for us all. I also Produce the Fairy Festival in Israel, and own the Designing Brand Abrakadbra.

Storm (Or Granot)

Or is a producer and community leader on the other hand and an outfit designer and Clarinet player on the other.
She focuses on alternative management structures and development of tools that help communities decentralise their structures, so the community have more inspiration and motivation to take part and elevate participation levels.

Gal Bracha

Seasoned tech veteran and an interactive visual artist.
In his work he combines tech-mind-body integration.
His open source platforms are used by many innovative co-creation communities.
Gal's award winning works is being presented worldwide.

Matan Zohar

Matan Zohar is a Creative Coder and Interaction Designer experienced in parametric algorithms and Mixed Reality. Matan has been developing tools and experiences for artistic use at industry leading companies such as Autodesk, Disney and Magic Leap. He focuses on simple algorithmic tools for generating designs, enabling any level of creators to make their own art.

Debi Oulu

A multi-disciplinary artist, her work consists mostly of innovative interactive art installations and community based art projects. Oulu explores how art can be used as a catalyst for change. She is the founder of “Treasure Art Hunt” - a successful placemaking game that has been developed and played for over five years.

Meggy Pepelanova

Designer: experiences, interaction, games. I love to make things that engage people the real challenges of our world, or on the contrary, completely take them away into a magical world.

Chantal Hassard

Canadian artist facilitating Future Talks & poineering Participatory Paintings that invite the viewer to take on the role of artist within the painting. M.A. Candidate at University of Amsterdam in Artistic Research.

Odin Shadmi

Created this site and documenting the event.
I'm an experiences designer, design every movement around an experience I help to create. UX Designer, Psychology student, believes in the future of education and the power of change.

Marcella van Zanten

Marcella van Zanten translates the interrelationships between family, friends and unknown people to the order of daily things, like slices of bread which can be a metaphor for refugees. Her 3 dimensional installations invite onlookers to talk with each other, auditory or visual.

Paul Bulika

Binary forest and digital fungi

Alon Halamit "Rafik"

My name is Alon, Alon is an Oak tree in Hebrew and I live in Jerusalem today. I'm civil engineer with a designer twist. Enjoy to combine the two fields and in general to collaborate and get inspired from and with creators with different skills. I have experience with large scale installations and space design. I'm attracted to broken spaces and environments with high potential to change.

Idan Shalit

Im an Israeli Construction Artist. I love building Art-Cars. In the Past 3 years i created more than 4 Art Cars: tiny ones with an electric engine, And massive Art pieces built on Truck constructions Made to Feel and look like a Pirate ship or a massive black and red Locomotive Steam Punk Train. Im eager to build more and more and am always dreaming about my next Adventure. I also worked as Construction and Art set dressing at "big brother "

Yan Golding

Planetary Unifier, Whole-Systems Transition Architect, Transformational Firestarter, Blue Galactic Eagle

Matan Berkowitz

Interdisciplinary artist and entrepreneur, TED speaker, Forbes Under 30 honoree, award winning inventor and co-founder of Shift.
Matan's interactive installations have been exhibited in museums and events worldwide, while his talks and shows have been featured on stages such as Google, Microsoft, TED and Forbes.
As a co-producer of Future Play, Matan will speak, co-create and exhibit at the event.

Daniel Schwartz

Pioneering and leading cultural change. Daniel has always been walking on the line between business, design and a genuine human interactions. Daniel is a Co - founder of Midburn - the israeli burning man, + Odessa - the first counsuis club in amsterdam.  In the past 3 years Daniel is co-creating with the Nieuw en Meer Community, & together unfolding the possibilities and opportunities around the Nieuw Meer Lake area in Amsterdam.

Bethany Bethany de Forest

works and lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands as an artist, pinhole-photographer and filmmaker. During art school (Utrecht and Amsterdam, the Netherands) Bethany started creating dioramas, which she then photographed. Her objective was to show a “realistic” and absurdist imaginary world, in which one can supposedly wander around. Creating the illusion that what we see is life-size, an actual place we can visit.