Future Play day 3

Before we summarize the event, we want to share some of the events that happened on the third day of Future Play.

Today we played the Treasure Art Hunt, and brought to you some of the sights from the lake and the park:

Minks graffiti in motion:

Amazing work by Laura Mlpique, discussing the freedom of nature and our consumption way of control. Visit her site at lauramalpique.com

In the evening, we heard interesting speakers at Future Talk. Gal Bracha and Matan Berkowitz, showcasing their work and talking about the ways the community around them helped them reach this level:

Daan from ADM talked about the way they see the idea of free spaces, the ways they support each other, and how a free community can extend the effect of it's work:

Daan asked us to help the ADM cause, by wring an email to daan@adm.amsterdam with a few words on how ADM made a change in our lives. Made us open our mind, think, explore.

You can listen to Daan talk about ADM, community and the cause on the 006 episode of our podcast >>

At the end of the evening, we had a panel to discuss transformative art events, like this one. We heard about the birth of the Israeli Mindurn community, an experimental "duocratic" event named "Burnerot" that happens in Israel in the winter, about ADM festivals, about art fellowships that extend their effect by teaching:

It was an amazing day.