Airing (almost) live from the ADM radio station

at Future Play, Nieuw en Meer, Amsterdam

Rei Dishon & Odin Shadmi

So, we have a podcast. If we're playing, we might as well play, ha?


Future Podcast 001 - Rei Dishon & Odin Shadmi
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Our first episode, getting in place and talking about the Treasure Art Hunt auction today and the game plan for tomorrow. Sign up here >>


Future Podcast 002 - Odin Shadmi
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Odin was walking into the ADM radio station, and inside were three lovely people that became the guest of the second episode by surprise. They were lovely. Hear their story and their experience of today's event.


Future Podcast 003 - Tal Wiess
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A guest episode by Tal Wiess, interviewing a player that came looking in the radio station window. Hear his heroic action at a friend's dream. Yes. We were also impressed.


Future Podcast 004 - Rei Dishon & Odin Shadmi
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At 2 AM we visited the tipi that was built in the forest. We met a group of people playing music, looking at the fire, and talking about place and time. The artist Alon Halamit was there with us, and told us a bit about his creation.


Future Podcast 005 part 1 - Odin, Demi & Tara
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Future Podcast 005 part 2 - Odin, Demi & Tara
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Conversation with Demetra from Radio Papillon at ADM, Tara from radio Droogdok, the radio we are sitting in, and Odin from Future Play podcast. Talking about the power of conversations, spaces and radio. 


Future Podcast 006 - Odin Shadmi
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Daan from ADM talked about the way they see the idea of free spaces, the community life, the freedom, the art, and the cause he want us to join by wring an email to daan@adm.amsterdam with a few words on how ADM made a change in our lives. 

More coming soon ^^