Are you a creative Doer, thinker, or both?

We welcome creative minds from all fields to join the experience and take an active role in our walk to the future. By taking part, you are contributing to the progression of ideas and the evolution of connectedness.

So join us, and be part of a wave heading towards a brighter horizon.



This 100% non-profit and free-entry event is being built on the back of individuals volunteering their own time free of charge to support the existence of free art and cultural spaces in the world today. Hundreds of hours are required to create such a space, and yet we still need some funds to bring this event to the public.


We have nearly reached our goal but we still need more support to make sure Future Play can be everything we envision it to be.


All help is greatly appreciated, whether you can volunteer your time, lend us your resources, or even make a donation.

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