- Future Play | 28-30 September 2018 -

“As part of Future Play we intend to facilitate a space in which we artists and innovators can discuss the future of art and cultural experimentation. Together, we will start the blueprints for tomorrow’s ‘free spaces’ and what will be the next step.”


Our main vision, inspired by the free spaces of Amsterdam, is to create a cultural reservoir around the Nieuwe Meer called the Anthropocene Park—a dazzling living landscape where the borders between humans and nature dissolve. As a stepping stone towards this vision, future talks will be an opportunity for our key partners to share their ideas and discuss real, practical steps forward to our future.

How can you join?

You can join as an audience or participant. You are invited to give a talk, lead a panel or participate in a work group.

Day 1: The Dream

Opening Ceremony

18:00 - Gathering

18:30 - Musical Intro

18:45 - Opening Remarks (Thomas Wildner, Daniel and Dennis Nolte)

19:00 - Fire Marionette (Erik Hobijn)

19:30 - Soup Ceremony at the Bonfire

21:00 - Live Performances in the Dome


Day 2: Its Translation

Discussion panel + Talks

17:00 - FUTURE TALKS Gathering

17:15 - The Anthropocene Park (Jeroen Saris & Dirk Simons)

17:50 - Citizens for a Healthy Earth (Yan Golding )

18:15 - Introduction to the Free Spaces Culture  (Hay Schoolmeesters)

18:45 - Art as Social and Cultural Experiment (DADARA)

19:15 - Break

19:30 - Future of Art in Creating Communities - Panel

          (Omer Kalderon, Sharon Avraham, Marco de Goede, Debi Oulu)

20:30 - Break

21:00 - Live Performances in the Dome

Day 3: The Action  

2 Round tables

Transforming our ideas for the future into a detailed road map for real-world action.

12:00-16:00 - Free Spaces Hackathon - work groups

16:00 - Hackathon presentations

17:00 - FUTURE TALKS Gathering

17:15 - Artist Show and Tell

18:00 - Art is the Instrument (Matan Berkowitz)

18:25 - Professional Moronism (Dr. Molrok)

18:50 - Break

19:00 - Transformative Communal Events - Panel

           (Rei Dishon, Thea Hope, Or Granot, Daan ADM)