Co-Creation Outdoor Art Event 

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For its 30 years anniversary the Nieuw en Meer community will celebrate its existence by inviting you to experience co - creation within its unique ecosystem, to shape and imagine what the next 30 years will look like.


In this one-of-a-kind outdoor 3 day event , showcasing a week long artist residency, where the N&M artists will co - create with renown international artists and emerging artist from the Amsterdam art scene. The public will be invited to explore and interact while discovering the magic of the Nieuwe Meer lake and its surroundings. From Interactive art installations, different play acts, performances, to a real life game experience where you have the chance to meet the artists & win original art pieces.  


While honoring its past creations and achievements, N&M is looking into the unknown future as the world around us changes faster than ever before. The anniversary event will bring to life an exciting vision using the public space as a playground for experimentation and public exploration, a fusion of ideas where the borders between art, technology, nature & humanity disappears and become ONE.   


We built this platform for creative thinkers who want to  co-create around a vision of how the future of art could look like. There is no final destination, nor a final goal. Our  intention is to dissolve the boundaries between the process and the final outcome, and between the artist and the viewer as we are all active participants... We create just enough order so that this spontaneous, naturally occurring process called culture, can begin to happen on its own.


where the prize is original art 

Visitors are invited to participate in a fun adventure through the lands of Nieuw en Meer to discover hidden treasures.  Over 100 pieces of original art will be given away as prizes



The Nieuw en Meer - Amsterdam is  a community & a playground which has served as a home for 120 artists in the past 30 years. What started as a small squat, became one of the largest and most self sustained art communities around the city of Amsterdam. 

Nearly all disciplines within the visual and applied arts and  crafts are represented (from painting to web design  to guitar construction to steel structures). Quite exceptionally,  the space is still independently owned and managed without any form of subsidy.

For the past 30 years the N&M functioned as a free haven where artists, free thinkers, activists and cultural leaders are able to pioneer co-creation, and inspire new ways of living while exploring the cultural spectrums of diversity & biodiversity, thus supplying Amsterdam with fresh waves of creativity, art events and nature reservations.


Visit the Nieuw en Meer site >>




The Nieuwe  Meer area, also known as the eye of the hurricane,  is one of the most unique & diverse ecosystems in amsterdam. A meeting point and melting pot, where art, nature, finance, entrepreneurs and the public all blend into one.


This area is a living lab where different communities co-exist,  reinforcing and honoring healthy relationships based on harmony and respect for nature.  the lab is intended to be a place to connect, appreciate our everyday life, a place be inspired, play, experiment and imagine. A place to be.



Daniel Schwartz

Pioneering and leading cultural change. Daniel has always been walking on the line between business, design and a genuine human interactions. Daniel is a Co - founder of Midburn - the israeli burning man, + Odessa - the first counsuis club in amsterdam.  In the past 3 years Daniel is co-creating with the Nieuw en Meer Community, & together unfolding the possibilities and opportunities around the Nieuw Meer Lake area in Amsterdam.

Matan Berkowitz

Tech artist, musician, innovator, his award-winning inventions translate physical signals (such as brain waves, heartbeats and movements) into music, turn everyday objects into instruments and have been displayed at museums, galleries, events and stages worldwide. Matan regularly speaks and performs for the likes of TEDx, Google, Microsoft and Forbes. His presentations often combine live musical demos of his inventions, while his unique workshops focus on Rapid Innovation – turning ideas into reality quickly and effectively.

Sharon Avraham

Artist, Community activist’s and art director. A co-founder of Midburn the Israeli burning man event and co-founder of the Fugara art collective. Sharon is drawn to the nature of social textures,the behaviour of a human within a group and the individual and collective relation that man derives from his meaningful experiences.

Bethany Bethany de Forest

works and lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands as an artist, pinhole-photographer and filmmaker. During art school (Utrecht and Amsterdam, the Netherands) Bethany started creating dioramas, which she then photographed. Her objective was to show a “realistic” and absurdist imaginary world, in which one can supposedly wander around. Creating the illusion that what we see is life-size, an actual place we can visit.

Debi Oulu

A multi-disciplinary artist, her work consists mostly of innovative interactive art installations and community-based art projects. Oulu explores how art can be used as a catalyst for change. She is the founder of “Treasure Art Hunt” - a successful placemaking game that has been developed and played for over five years/

Itamar Paloge


one of the leading artists in Israel today in the field of public space installations. He is renowned for his large scale reclaimed wood sculptures. He has exhibited in the Israel Museum, art and culture events in Israel, Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands, Central America and the U.S. He has art works in the offices of Google.



In order to bring this beautiful vision of a one of it’s kind celebration of art and culture to life, we need your help.


Future play is a free event, open to all people, from different backgrounds, ages, nationalities and interests. A kickstart action to develop and co-create the Anthropocene Park - new era where woman, man, nature, art and culture are fused in harmony; a showcase of possibilities & co-existence. This experience is created with love, passion and appreciation to each other and our nature. Opening up to the broad public a playgarden of inspiration.


Your contribution will help up to reinforce this are as a cultural landmark, keep in strong and independent. And most of all keep it a place where we all can play & enjoy.


Thank you.


Are you a creative Doer/thinker or both?!? We welcome creatives from all mediums to join the experience and take an active role in our walk to the future. 

Not defining yourself as an artist? We still have plenty of room on the team for co-creators, jump aboard!